"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...     

7. Spheres Of Influence
DETODS in the social circuits that transfer life force mattergy...

Spheres Of Influence... The ebb and flow of human societal currents are dependent on the individual and group human organisms powers of perception and the DETODs that they produce and control. Like in electronic and electromagnetic circuits (which as creations of human organisms are themselves DETODs) these perceptive forces release and drive the DETODs that are, and cause, the further transfer of mattergy from one place to another in its sphere of influence. This flow of mattergy in the spheres of influence is subject to the formula below, but before getting to it let’s recap and expand on some necessary information to set the stage.

What exists is mattergy in spheres of influence...
As stated previously; energy can not exist without matter. What exists is the combination of energy and matter in potential and kinetic states. What exists is mattergy in spatio-temporal potential energy and kinetic energy relationships. Past, present, and future movements of that mattergy are intertwined, relatively observable, predictable and quantifiable, and such movements, when manifested as a DETOD, can reveal the perceptive force of the organism(s) that created that DETOD.

Combining energy and matter into one unit is done to;

• Emphasize the oneness involved in their interrelationships.
• De-emphasize the always distractive energy component.
• Provide a framework for more inclusive much larger formula units of mattergy, the con and the fist, that will allow for assigning value to the DETODs so as rate their relative values.
• Facilitate a measurable means to combine and show the relationship between external to the organism spheres of influence with internal perceptive spheres of influence in the mind.

All DETODs will still be value assessed by total individual component type; the energy type that they are made up of, and the total type and quantity of matter used and moved about in their creation. (See below for weather analogy.)

Organisms and their DETODs exist with potential and kinetic exoforces; winds, volcanoes, inorganic matter of all types, solar flares, earth quakes etc., that also move mattergy, and, like organisms, these exoforces are themselves made up of mattergy. The entire realm that organisms, their DETODs, and the exoforces exist in is known as a sphere of influence. That realm consists of billions of overlapping and inter penetrating in time and space lesser spheres of influence, each one of which exhibits its own unique characteristics but is quantifiable in terms of the mattergy contained within that lesser sphere of influence, when that lesser sphere of influence is properly delineated. Further, the organism portion within those properly delineated spheres, and the DETODs that they create to transfer mattergy, can also be quantified singly and in total in terms of the mattergy that is transferred.

Celli's Law...
Organodynamics — The Flow Of Mattergy

In Deceptionology the study of the flow and transfer of mattergy initiated by organisms in a delineated sphere of influence is called Organodynamics. It includes the flow of mattergy between exoforces, organisms, and their DETODs.

In Organodynamics: perception is the potential force of an organism, and, DETODs are that force released in cons and fists, and, just as magnetism, electricity and light are all manifestations of the electromagnetic field, so too, DETODs, made up of mattergy, are all kinetic and potential manifestations of the perceptive force of organisms as they go about transferring and acquiring mattergy for sustenance of the organisms life force within its sphere of influence.

This transfer of mattergy respects the conservation of energy law, classic physics laws, and quantum mechanics laws which are themselves all DETODs created by human organisms.

Celli's Law... The flow of mattergy in a given delineated sphere of influence can be expressed as follows in Celli's law, a generalized form of Ohm’s law which states that:

The mattergy flow through a delineated sphere of influence, initiated by and between two organisms, or groups of organisms (expressed in Cons C), is directly proportional to the sum magnitude potential difference of the organisms perception (expressed in Lifeforces L), and inversely proportional to the resistance (expressed in Fists F) between them.[1]

Deceptionology — Organodynamics
L = C x F
(Celli’s Law)

[1] Subject to; 1 a cyclical subsumption entropy factor as mattergy flowing into DETODs increases as the sum potential difference of organism perception in the total sphere of influence decreases)*; and; 2 delineation of the sphere of influence.
*The displaced energy of perception going to the DETODS is an evolutionary step to the next level Onotron which will then be subject to a similar formula depending on its prevailing conditions of externalization.

Is this guy for real...

The Nut House Or The Nobel Prize?
This guy is totally insane... I am sure at this point that many of you remaining readers have your baloney meters pegged out and are ready to tune out. It is difficult enough to accept the premise of the human organisms perceptive force, and that humans each and every creation that moves mattergy is a DETOD, and that those DETODs are the strongest political force on the planet, and now you are being told that their past, present, and future, are intertwined, are relatively observable, predictable, and, in spite of the massive complexity involved, it is all quantifiable.

Well dear readers... a few words about that in order to maintain your attention ...

1. This is a fledgling thesis and formula... As a point of interest and food for thought here, when Ohm first devised his formulas, the coulomb (a measure of electrons) was not even heard of. Keep in mind also that Ohm's law requires that components be of Ohmic purity for it to work. There are lots of exceptions in Ohm’s law just as there are many in Celli's law. Ohm's law is device and condition dependent for accuracy of the formula. Resistance scales and Ohmic ‘purity’ of the resistance of materials was developed over time and is still going on today as new materials are developed. And ... this then is just a magnificent beginning — so let’s not get discouraged right out of the chute folks ... let's stay with the big picture and consider the following...

2. This complex process is performed in your body every day... Spatio-temporal tracking (explained below) and quantifying of millions of specific events that overlap in space and time takes place in your own body every nanosecond of every day. It is an extremely complex and remarkable undertaking that at the top level condenses billions of decisions made at a cellular level in a convergence process to facilitate your perception and the release of your DETODs; what you think, what you imagine, what you like, what is good for you, what is bad for you, etc., and how to go about getting it. At the base cellular level the complexity and organization that facilitates the sensing, storing, and processing of all of the information that is necessary for making all of these convergence decisions is absolutely staggering. Consider that just one cell has one trillion molecules in it that all work together in harmony with millions of other cells to facilitate the overall process. I will spare you the litany of miraculous complexity that goes on in human organisms, I am sure you are aware of it. One could spend countless thousands of hours documenting the complexity of just the human brain alone and not really come close to covering it all.

3. The virtual beginning of this process is also going on outside your body... As you read this right now a very sophisticated process of spatio-temporal simultaneous processing of information about you, and that affects you, is going on outside your body. It is quite advanced, but still in its infancy, and amazingly the bulk of this system is made up of DETODs that have been created in just the past forty plus years. Consider that the following few samples of types of information that impact your life are now increasingly tracked and quantified every moment of every day: what you eat, what you read, what is on your mind, credit card swipes, GPS tracking, bank account information, FICO scores, internet searches, Baltic Shipping Index, positive and negative energy flows to individual nation states and states within nation states, counties, cities, towns, etc., in London a person is now subject to being photographed an average of 300 times per day by a vast array of security cameras and it is all coupled with face recognition software, yearly statements of all kinds of transactions exist on computer memory for trillions of transactions, military war gaming with massive computer programs collect and integrate billions of bits of information to track planes, ships, missile, satellites, etc. positions in real time, etc., etc. Not only is all of this information tracked and recorded in real time, it is also examined and used to document past behavior so as to extrapolate and predict future behavior, and, it is increasing exponentially as each day goes by.

Compared to the intricacy, complexity, and organizational sophistication that already exists in your body, this fledgling external process is comparatively simple but has definitely begun. It is no accident that this process mimics the sophistication and complexity of the human organisms that are creating it. Keep this in mind when reading the section on the Onotron, also keep in mind the tremendous power that is available to those who control the DETODs for collecting and examining the information.

4. We have the exponentially increasing computer power required to do so... It is also no accident that the fledgling computer industry memory improvements (again that mimic the human organism) now move to more biologically based systems that are smaller and allow greater calculations per unit of time. Here again I will spare you the litany of exponential increase and power that has, again, in very recent years, been achieved in the 'old fashioned' magnetic computer memory and processing. It is by now, or should be, common knowledge. And quantum computing is right around the corner. Again note the mimicking of the human body and also notice how this facilitates the EME, the electronic migration of virtual  DNA into the environment.

5. Behavioral cues... If one to were ask you what a person who wore a cowboy hat and was dressed in chaps, had spurs on his boots, and spoke with a pronounced US southwestern drawl was, you could make a pretty accurate guess that he was a cowboy. The individual’s clothing and language (DETODs), if genuine and not staged, can identify the culture and reveal much information about the individual.

Similarly, the spatio-temporal simultaneous information processing gathered about an individual’s (and a group of individual’s) DETODs can also reveal much about the culture the individual is from, but now, even more importantly, using Celli's law the perceptive power and potential of that individual (or group of individuals) can be quantified in real time. Knowing any two legs of the formula will allow you to calculate the third. By way of explanation; you can locate the gun, and the power of the gun, by noting the power and the trajectory of the bullets and the effect they have on impact.

In effect, Celli's Law considers and quantifies an organism's internal kinetic and potential force of perception (lifeforce) by measuring the external to the organisms mattergy moved in the form of the DETODs it creates.

So, to make sense of the flow of DETODs within a delineated sphere of influence, one must quantify and plot the movement over time of each (all) organisms perceptive power (in lifeforces (L) - similar to volts), and the organisms DETODs (mattergy in cons (C) - similar to amps, and mattergy in fists (F) - similar to ohms) within the delineated sphere of influence (similar to an electronic circuit) simultaneously within that multidimensional delineated sphere of influence over time. Let’s take a brief and simplified look at spatio-temporal processing ...

Making sense of it all...
The Good Old Fashioned Hard Way
Pixels, voxels, poxels, doxels, roxels, and the
spatio-temporal plotting of perception and deception...

On a two dimensional computer screen a pixel defines a point in two dimensional space with x and y coordinates. To define a point in three dimensional space a third z unit is needed. This third z unit is called a voxel and allows defining information as positioning in three dimensional space with additional information represented as color density. Refer to the simplified cube rendering to see the concept in action. This system is currently in use as the workhouse for displaying complex graphic images. The graphic images express data in the form of position, and color density within each discrete position, and are used for; medical images, geological images, video games, celestial imaging, war gaming images, etc., Information can be input from any side and the results can be studied from any angle so as to better understand the relationships involved.

Consider now that same three dimensional cube with multiple voxels (poxels, doxels and roxels) that instead represent perception (in lifeorces) and the flow of DETODs (in cons and fists — yes, the DETODs, depending on the sphere of influence and the initiating organism, and its alliances if any, can be either a con, a fist or an admixture of both — that's why we have poxels, doxels, and roxels, more about them later) that can be tracked in real time and historical time all at the same time. If you are doubting the power of spatio-temporal calculating to give you concrete and meaningful results then you might want to take a look at what has been going on (this is not new) at the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, China ...

Predicted range aggregate (PRA) query is an important researching issue in spatio-temporal databases. Recent studies have developed two major classes of PRA query methods: (1) accurate approaches, which search the common moving objects indexes to obtain an accurate result; and (2) estimate methods, which utilize approximate techniques to estimate the result with an acceptable error. In this paper, we present a novel accurate prediction index technique, named PRA-tree, for range aggregation of moving objects. PRA-tree takes into account both the velocity and space distribution of moving objects. First, the velocity domain is partitioned into different velocity buckets, and moving objects are classified into different velocity buckets by their velocities, thus objects in one bucket have similar velocities. Then we use aTPR-tree, which is based on the basic TPR-tree structure and added with aggregate information in intermediate nodes, to index objects in each bucket. PRA-tree is supplemented by a hash index on IDs of moving objects, and exploits bottom-up deletion algorithm, thus having a good dynamic performance and concurrency. Also new PRA query methods with a more precise branch-and- bound searching strategy are developed for PRA- tree. Extensive experiments confirm that the proposed methods are efficient and practical."

School of Electronic Science and Engineering, National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, China ...

So .... how do we assign mattergy values? How many cons and fists are their in a specific DETOD? How do we define and construct the 'velocity buckets' needed to show the velocities of the cons and fists and how do we index them? How do we integrate the historical information of past con and fist flow into the spatio-temporal data bases? How much perceptive power is there in one liforce or a megaliforce? How many cons and fists are there in a specific DETOD and how many are needed to stop a megaliforce? Again, we look to our analog; resistors in the electromagnetic world both enable and resist the flow of electrons depending on the material they are made up of and how they are arranged in the circuit. And, so too again, like in the electromagnetic world, the resistance in fists, and the flow in cons, depends on the arrangement in the sphere of influence and the mattergy that the DETOD is comprised of.

At first glance this appears to be a formidable task because of the seeming complexity involved in marrying the power of the internal perceptive world of the mind to events in the external world. But before discounting it look again at all of the knowns, and remember, Lifeforces (the perceptive force), like in the bullet, gun, impact example already given above, can be computed by its effects — by the mattergy moved over time and the impact it has on the mattergy it strikes. Said another way; don’t be distracted by the complexity of the gun; focus on the bullet and its impact. The DETODs, with sufficient examination of them, always reveal the driving perception and the power of that driving perception. Consider also that cons and fists are multidirectional simultaneous force vectors that require the use of poxels, roxels, and doxels, for spatio-temporal tracking and determining whether or not they are in alliance or non alliance with a particular organism and thereby aiding or hindering that particular organism’s ability to get its needs met.

To visualize this complexity, think of it as being like a resistor in an electronic circuit which, as just mentioned, both allows and resists current flow at the same time. But think of it as a resistor that is not all in one place, and is now instead, physically fragmented and occupies many different positions in space and time that allows and resists (through fists) con flow. I will discuss in greater detail these simultaneity factors and definitions of poxels, roxels, and doxels, and their helical mapping to reveal large scale predictive mattergy eddys at a later time (they are a bit more complex and at this point would only introduce confusion, in addition, the only people able to use the concepts would be those who now control the most powerful computing — and we all know who they are). But we can get started on building the DETOD data bases now.

We have the means then to spatio-temporally map and track the data. The question now becomes how do we gather, integrate and aggregate all of this seemingly difficult to break down information?

We do it the good old fashioned hard way... Just as Google recently enlisted millions of people to actually view and categorize images so as to access the information in them, so to do we need millions of people to assign con and fist values, concrete and subjective, to individual DETODs. Just as Ohms, Faraday, and others, performed experiment after experiment, assigning and reassigning arbitrary values, until they found workable values to understand the flow of electricity in various components of electromagnetic circuits, so too must we perform experiment after experiment in understanding the flow of various DETODs in their spheres of influence.

As previously mentioned there is already a tremendous amount of data available,  the beginning rough numbers already exist. Much of that data is already in easily manipulated form. Remember the silviculture example mentioned in the last section. Thousands of ever improving computer data bases and models are already available in countless other disciplines to plot the movement of mattergy in any spatio-temporal sphere of influence you wish to delineate. More information becomes available every day. It is a matter of organization and refinement. The available current day data streams mentioned above need to be captured and indexed and input into spatio-temporal data bases. New spatio-temporal data bases need to be created that provide additional needed information.

The key to success here is to open your mind to the totality and oneness of the interrelationships that we all exist in, set aside past cultural biases, and assign first arbitrary fair values based on that fresh viewpoint.

The arbitrary beginning... Start with your own space. Your own home. List all of the DETODs that flow through your life each day and examine them carefully for all of the hands that have touched  them in their creation and made them the DETODs that they are. Here again use separate entities for type and quantities of matter and energy before converting to the resultant combined mattergy equivalents used in the formula. Group all of the DETODs to be assessed and assigned values into a least simple to very complex arrangement in terms of the number of individual components they consist of. Most simple would be something like a 24 karat gold ring made of just the one component, gold, or a sterling silver spoon of pure silver. More complex might be a printed paper napkin or a loaf of bread. Even more complex still might be an iphone or a washing machine. Keep in mind that all of these are DETODs used to get needs (real or perceived) met.

Begin with the simplest DETODs first as described above and examine them and ask yourself these and similar questions to assign con and fist values. Where did the gold or silver come from? Was it freshly mined from the ground or is it made from re-purposed gold? If it was freshly mined who dug it out of the ground? What persons or machine tools were used? Were the persons paid fairly or were they exploited? Where did the machines and tools (keep in mind that a simple shovel tool is a DETOD) that were used to assist in the extraction come from. What was the total mattergy flow involved in their creation? Was it fair profit or was someone exploited? Who received the profit (in money directly convertible to mattergy flow) for them? Who receives the profit from the gold or silver once mined? Was someone's spirit (perceptive force) diminished or exploited in the manufacture of these items? Did that exploitation diminish or exploit your spirit in any way? Does it serve or subvert the social alliance it was made in? Does it serve or subvert the social alliance you exist in? Does it serve or subvert any other more all encompassing global social alliances? Put your thinking cap on here. Like in humans, where one person's terrorist may be another person's freedom fighter, so too in DETODs, one person's con may be another's fist, be critical in your assessments.

Impede or assist... In every instance the DETOD considered and rated will have a total resultant negative componet to impede the advancement of your own spirit — a fist that inhibits you and others from reaching the full potential of your spirit. Assign it a value (it will be expressed as a roxel fist).

In every instance the DETOD will also have a total resultant positive component to assist the advancement of your own spirit — a con that assists you in reaching the full potential of your spirit. Assign it a value (it will be expressed as a doxel con).

To begin use an assumed Liforce value of 100 for your subjective assessments of each individual DETOD. If you assign 20 to the con value then 5 must be assigned to the fist value giving you a liforce value of 100.

L = C x F
100 = 20 x ?
100 = 20 x 5

Individual Lifeforce values will ultimately change, when, after arbitrarily assigning values based on a Liforce of 100, you later compare one DETOD to another and create a most to least valued scale for all DETODs including those of a more complex make up. Remember we have to  start somewhere. Further; sharing and combining your comparative resultant DETOD ratings with others will provide more data points and further refine the process. The assumed Lifeforce value will then be adjusted to the most to least valued scale, and then continually sample adjusted and 'rocked in' in real time to the total population using the Lifeforce definition below.

Lifeforce defined... One Liforce is the force required to move one con through one fist. One con is equal to the average amount of mattergy flow required to sustain one human for a life cycle. The number is derived from, and pegged to, calculating the total mattergy flow initiated by all humans, exclusive of exoforces, and dividing it by the total number of human organisms on the planet.

Over time the initiating controlling Liforce power of all DETODs will begin too emerge. This is in essence a FICO score system (the FICO score system is a tyrannical system of rating forced complicity citizen slaves for their exploitation potential), but rather than being fashioned by only the self anointed elite few corporate parasite bankers (who presently control what DETODs will get funded and thereby misdirect the use of the planet's resources), it will be democratically arrived at by all, and rates the DETODs holistically and fairly as it includes the perceptive power of all.

Here you should realize that much of this information, although available, is intentionally deceptively hidden in abstractions, like balance sheets, final invoice costs, and rigged rating agency reports, that serve to mask the low wages paid to workers or, in the case of the cost of energy, the true cost which is not inclusive of; fracking side effects, military muscle deployed to gain access to the energy, oil spills, etc., used in the creation chain. It will take some work to ferret this information out. You should also realize that once this true information is revealed and factored in (in terms of cons and fists) and rated and factored in for its true creation costs, it will be available to others to be used in their assessments of other DETODs and it will ultimately contribute to the increased accuracy of the formula over time. Said another way; these first arbitrary assigned con and fist values will ultimately become more concrete as more information is acquired. One ounce of gold, one loaf of bread, etc., will ultimately have a very specific Liforce value.

When the majority of DETODs are assessed — this will happen much faster than you presently believe — you will be easily able to compare values with others and begin to create and track your own personal power and sphere of influence, and that of others, spatio-temporally. This will greatly facilitate bringing the forces of inequality back in balance to a more equal state as it will sharply reveal the inequalities from a more moral perspective. Shun and shame those sell out system shill traitorous to humanity tools who say inequality is here to stay. It is not. More about that later.

Over time, as we move to the future and the further growth of the Onotron (section 8), all products (remember they are all DETODs) instead of having a bar code imprinted on them, will have an inter active spatio-temporal tracking chip that will allow them to be movement assessed and better utilized in the totality of the chain of their creation and flow over time.

Again; notice the mimicking of the human body inherent in the DETODs and their relational formation.

And again; don't be too critical or negative at this point, yes it is a formidable task, but as noted above this is a fledgling thesis and formula that serves to understand humanity by its DETODs, their relationship to the inner world of perception, and allow for a more holistic consideration and understanding of existence so as to stimulate creative thinking and ultimately create a more fair and harmonious world. What follows are some observations that emanate from taking that viewpoint...

Lipstick on the pig...
What You Observe You See
The flow of mattergy — matter combined with energy... A helpful analogy. As explained above: " Combining energy and matter into one unit is done to:

• Emphasize the oneness involved in their interrelationships.
• De-emphasize the always distractive energy component.
• Provide a framework for more inclusive much larger formula units of mattergy, the con and the fist, that will allow for assigning value to the DETODs so as rate their relative values.
• Facilitate a measurable means to combine external to the organism spheres of influence with internal perceptive spheres of influence in the mind.

For a variety of reasons it is difficult for many to think of the holistic flow of mattergy, mostly because of the need and inclination to focus on the specific details of components that make up the con and fist components of the mattergy in a select DETOD and the frustration of working with so many missing spatio-temporal data points. It is helpful then to imagine holistic mattergy flows to be just like the flow of exoforces, specifically the weather. Weather reports in real time follow the flow of energy combined with matter; wind, thunder, rain, lightning, dust particles, etc., and from past and present observations project future weather events. Consider also that first weather reports were very sketchy, almost primitive, and lacked much concrete information. But look at them now with pin point wind speeds in twisters and hurricanes, number and strength of lightning strikes per unit of time, laminar cloud level tracking, satellite infrared and vapor tracking, etc., all that contribute greatly to increased accuracy.

And so it will soon be when tracking DETOD mattergy flow. It is helpful to keep this upper level holistic movement in focus in order to make sense of all of it.

A caution here — lipstick on the pig... There are many that believe that using non linear holistic thinking as described above to create predictive models is not only impossible, but that it is also inherently deceptive. This belief in many ways stems from observing the very sophisticated models that are used in finance to justify and package shady financial products. Many of these financial models, created in earnest, were then intentionally used to make simple financial products more complex and sophisticated so as to gain profit from, and control of, those they were sold to. They also provided a measure of 'plausible deniability' to fall back on when the knowingly and willfully created sales deceptions were discovered and the products failed. In essence they were used to validate, to legitimize, to put lipstick on the pig products.

But the deception was in misuse of the process, not the process itself. The value is in the trust placed in the models over time. Many who see the weather maps and predictions on their TV and computer screens still look out the window.

The big caution here; trust in an erroneous weather report might at the most get you a wet skin and a little inconvenience, but trust in an erroneous — or intentionally misrepresented — financial model can ruin or even end your life. Notice also; the power of the top level DETODs to more rapidly change the greater mass of society in real time that is now possible.

Finance and the military, leap years ahead... As in the military noted above, where the development of much leading edge spatio-temporal computing is taking place to monitor battle field parameters, the financial industry is also leap years ahead of the general public with vast data bases and algorithms being created to track the movements of on line electronic trades. In all instances the element of time, in past knowledge accuracy, and in speed of computing decisions, is the determinant for effectiveness of the systems involved. Again, one can see clearly here that the power and control of evolution go to those who control the most powerful DETODs and the human organisms that have the ability to operate them (who are now functionally DETODs themselves — think 'tool of the man here' and recognize the man as machine convergence that this points to). Just as electronic traders need proximity access to the centers of on line trading in order to beat the market by a few microseconds, and the military needs a similar proximity to the battle field access, so too will the controllers of the DETODs of the future need proximity access to large clusters of spatio-temporal tracking chips.

Yes my friends, there is a lot more than the slow and circuitous route of Sigmund Freud persuasiveness going on here — there is also a very direct rush to power.

Reverse Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle — the dominant attention trap — we are all one... There is a phenomenon that should be noted and explained here as it can be a pitfall in spatio-temporal tracking, or any other area of an organisms perception deployment, it is called the dominant attention trap.

I like to think of it as the reverse of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle which concerns itself with measuring the speed and velocity of particles; in order to measure the velocity of a particle, one must bounce other particles off of it, but such detection necessarily affects the particle being measured. It is impossible then to measure a particle's velocity in any moment and then have any hope of measuring its location for that moment because the act of measurement of velocity immediately changed that particle's location. In essence, because the observer through his measurement process changes the position of the particle it renders the measurement inaccurate. The observer affects and changes the observed. A simpler example would be checking air pressure in a tire. You let some air out of the tire and into the pressure gauge in order to make the measurement and therefore slightly change the pressure in the tire.

Because spatio-temporal tracking requires the dominant and focused attention of the observer the reverse is true. When an organism focuses its dominant attention on any object it changes the observer relative to the observation ever so subtly and with ever greater change, and chance of change, taking place as the length of the observation continues. This is the essence of the deflection deception, where a con artist will produce a distraction in order to deflect the dominant attention of the mark to something other than the particular scam that is being implemented. The mark, with his dominant attention focused on the distraction, will have his pocket picked. The observer will be changed by the observed. Many people grow old while observing their TVs. To put  this in street talk; sh!t happens when you are distracted!

Drawing attention to this phenomenon of change through dominant attention is not meant to negate the value and accuracy of spatio-temporal tracking, rather it is to point out the concept that the act of observation changes the observer relative to the observation, that we truly are all one and intimately interrelated and inter-coupled, and to show that balance is required in deploying one's powers of perception.

The take away here is that in both examples above the system outcome is affected, but it is important to know who is initiating the system change and why. This discussion impacts on the Einstein and Bohr determinacy vs indeterminacy ("God does not play dice with the Universe") argument discussed further below.

Consider also that all of life, in its entirety, is a dominant attention trap. This is a *poxel con (a neutral con) played on all organisms by the Overforce that now morphs us all into into the Onotron (next section). With our dominant attention focused on the distraction of getting our needs met over a life time we have the pocket of our human spirits picked and we are, when all is said and done, utilized to regenerate and continue this next iteration of humanity. But let's look at some present time real world practical application of the dominant attention trap in society...

*[Poxels are neutral, doxels are diminishing and roxels are advancing. Poxels, roxels, and doxels, are all plotted using a spatio-temporal gps sub address protocol.]

The dominant attention trap also reveals the shunting effects in spheres of influence... Drawing attention to this phenomenon also reveals how being out of balance with one's perception affects one's own personal power and is revealed by Celli's Law. When an organism focuses attention on a doxel con (a diminishing con) it acts as a shunt of its own power. Its own power to produce cons is dissipated on the distractive doxel con and the organism thereby loses power. It is the dominant attention trap and the aggregate shunting of power that keeps the masses under the control of the wealthy self anointed corrupt elite. Dominant attention trap power dissipating shunts are powerful components in the circuits of the spheres of influence. These shunting components can be generally categorized, learned, and quantified, to negate their effects and to allow the masses to then combine their power so as to overpower the corrupt elite. Again; successful perception demands balanced and prioritized deployment of one's powers of perception.

The DETOD of propaganda, based in the Noble Lie, and delivered through control of media and corporate governance, is the primary deceptive means of placing the shunts in the spheres of influence. Most all shunts serve to cause the individual organisms to dissipate their power on each other, or on decoy shunts. Most all of the  shunt categories fall under the general heading of divide and conquer and utilize emotional demonizing as the circuit trigger. Natural divisions in an organism or a group of organisms are identified, amplified, and deceptively imbued with demonic qualities. Skin color, sexual preference, gender, age, religious beliefs, etc., all become fair game for adding the demonic qualities (added by the sell out media shills of the corrupt wealthy elite), to incite the power dissipating conflicts. The decoy shunts are promoted and enhanced by politicians and sell out or co-opted officials in; unions, academia, religious institutions, government, etc. Power is further dissipated in the marks when they waste time and energy in appealing to these disingenuous complicit promoters of the divisive memes for resolution of the falsely created conflicts.

Passive and active cons and fists... Propaganda, a doxel con, is considered to be a passive DETOD, in that it makes the target mark self actualized and requires no external force, other than the propaganda, to persuade the target mark to shunt its own energies. It is thwarted by revealing the propaganda DETOD and by simply not giving it attention thereby creating a roxel fist (an advancing fist) of resistance and no shunting of power will take place. Power will then flow to the roxel fist. When enough roxel fists of resistance are accumulated into a more powerful force the initiator of the propaganda DETOD will be overpowered and cease to have an effect in the sphere of influence. As long as the roxel fists of resistance remain in place in that sphere of influence the controlling elite force will be ineffective.

The controlling elite will then, depending on their remaining power; cease their DETODs, move to another less resistive sphere of influence, or, increase the power applied in the sphere of influence in the form of active DETODs (active tools of dominance in the form of cops, military, private armies, etc. to beat the target marks into submission), or a variation of all three.

The outcome of these conflicts are always dependent on a number of variables but center on the ability of the wealthy elite — the controlling force — to maintain control of their DETOD structure. In the present global power grab, the controlling elite are relying on the incremental increase of divisiveness to culture shape the target marks to their own immoral demise by pitting them in a perpetual conflict with each other. They are utilizing the DETOD of propaganda, based in the Noble Lie, and delivered through control of media and corporate governance. The remedy for the target marks is first to become aware of the gross deception involved and then to resist the immoral divisiveness and combine their power in shunning the propaganda so as to; regain control of the culture shaping media and corporate governance, eliminate the immorally sick and repugnant Noble Liars, and reshape the divisive morality of the culture to a stronger fairer morality.

Keep in mind here the past discussed Electronic Migration Effect, DNA drift sharing, and the power of the internet. Also keep in mind that the aggregate morality of the DETODs of the future will be a reflection of the aggregate morality of their creators today (more about that in the next section on the Onotron).

Imagination will play a key part in inspiring and facilitating the restoration of balance.

A few considerations...
Random Points To Ponder Before Moving On
• Convertability of mattergy... The mattergy transferred is always in its essence ultimately convertible to life sustaining mattergy depending on the current value of the DETOD. Getting needs met (perceived or real) to sustain life is after all the primary driving force in creating DETODs. Just as gold (a DETOD) can be converted to any fiat currency (also a DETOD) that happens to be in vogue, so too can any DETOD be converted to other DETODs as long as it retains a value for the organism to get needs met.

Future value — storage of mattergy... Within the societal sphere of influence mattergy can be stored potentially in many ways; calories in food stores, money in bank accounts, gold in safe deposit boxes, energy in fuel tanks, etc., these stockpiling devices mimic components in electronic circuits, i.e., a bank that stores money is comparable to a capacitor that stores electrons for future use (note that it is readily available — liquidity), calories in food storage are comparable to potential energy that is loaded into coils to be used when needed as a back electro motive force, gold is comparable to the charge in a battery, etc. Note that all of these stockpiling devices, created by human organisms, also mimic the storage devices in the human body formed and shaped by one's DNA; as in fat storing excess caloric energy or as glycogen stored in the liver for immediate use as glucose, etc. The importance here is the convertibility factor and the potential to move mattergy that these devices provide — and their origins — the mimicking of the human body that is taking place in each and every process.

Most important, is the exponential increase in future DETODs, the flow of mattergy that contributes to the growth going to the Onotron (section 8). This exponential growth of DETODs, as mentioned above, throws all of the old cost-benefit analysis systems out the window because as the DETODs increase the DETODs themselves require mattergy for their own sustenance and begin to enter the decision making process. Their decision making ability, like their morality, will be a reflection of those human organisms that create them. We now have a sustenance flow of mattergy for the liforces of human organisms and a separate flow of mattergy for the liforce of the DETODs. The nub of it is the directional power of resource utilization that the Onotron will desire and exert will be vastly different, and far stronger, than many human organisms now realize as subsumption increases. Past is prologue colored with the emphasis on accelerated time and morality. You can see then that the morality component is ever more important and why some people, who sense or perceive what is going on, are becoming more strident and aggressive in order to create a fairer and more just morality.

• Free will... Free will is a choice action that is related to the deployment or not of the potential energy of perception. It functions as the switch that connects the power of perception to the creation and release — the flow — of an organism's DETODs into its sphere of influence. Here again, free will, like intellect and morality, was greatly enhanced when the human organisms pre DETOD emotive based world of rapidly made reactionary behaviors was replaced with the proactive intellectually considered over time behaviors. It is the DETODs that afford the organism more time to think through behaviors in advance that allows this to be so.

Free will is not always equal. When someone is in prison, cut off from their DETODs, if they have any, they have 'limited' free will. Those with greater perceptive power and access to all of their DETODs, and more DETODs, have greater free will. Equality of free will is only available when the spheres of influence are of more or less equal magnitude, think again of the prison example. And think also here of the societal implications as DETODs exponentially increase and they accrue, or not, to only a few. Also consider that the few who control the power of the mass of DETODs — the free will of others — are more responsible for control of future events than those who have fewer or no DETODs.

Free will also functions in the circularity of infinity. It is the paradox switch. It is the crossover, the flipping point, from inner to outer unlimited dimensions — from the concept of the world in a grain of sand to the concept of unlimited multi universes. It is always a relative point.

Ideology, Marx upgrade... Ideology is always dynamic, it is materialistically determined in the mind and it is at the same time a material substance when expressed as a DETOD (a Deceptive Externalized Tool Of Dominance). To understand this seeming duality you have to first define the sphere of influence that the ideology exists in. This is very much like defining the components of, and the arrangement of, the components in an electronic circuit.

Ideology is first determined materialistically in the mind of each individual. The mind of each individual is the internal sphere of influence. This is accomplished through the process of perception where the mind perceives the external to the mind world — the external sphere of influence — through bodily sensing mechanisms, and then, in an electro/chemo/mecho materialistic physiological convergence process, arrives at an ideology (an idea). Ideology, the forming of ideas, is in reality a coping skill dependent upon one's powers of perception and the richness of stimulation of one's environment. Perception is always focused on getting needs met (perceived or real needs). Ideas then are the result of perception — you then choose — through free will, to act, or not, upon them. No action is an action and every action taken results in an effect in the external sphere of one's influence. No action is similar to letting a bet ride on a dice table. It accepts others actions as your own.

When the ideology is expressed in the external sphere of influence as an action, it is always expressed as a DETOD, i.e., it is expressed externally in the material substance of; language, writing, tools, weapons, etc.

We all utilize many different ideology ‘scripts’ — DETODs — throughout the day. They are like instruction sets in a computer. They vary greatly in complexity and concreteness of expression depending on the alliances they are accepted into. The more alliances that they are accepted into, i.e., the more people that accept them, the more concrete they become. All alliances are overlapping and inter penetrating. Generally, the fewer people that accept the DETODs the more abstract they are. 2 + 2 = 4 is a DETOD that is very concrete as most all people accept it because it works for them. It helps them cope. The past DETOD that the earth is flat, is now less acceptable. But there was a time when the earth was flat DETOD was very concrete as most all believed it was so. It worked for them and helped them cope at the time. With no humans to perceive there would be no societal agreement and 2 + 2 would not equal 4. Who would prove it?

Always be skeptical. Ask yourself, should we believe that concentrated wealth in the hands of only a very few is as OK and acceptable as it is, and who made you believe that it is? Whose DETODs created that concept, that idea, that meme? Beware the DETODs of the Jivey League schools.

The perceptive power of an individual can be precisely measured and quantified as outlined in this Deceptionology thesis. It is this system of measurement that will form the basis of the new ‘politics’ — the new ‘ideology’ of humanity, unfolding as we speak. If the masses have not been too dumbed down to accept it, it can be, and will be their salvation. The human mind is remarkably flexible and adaptable. Keep in mind how very few the aberrant deceptive controllers really are.

• The 'Master Equation'... Celli's law is in reality not only a variation of Ohm's law it is also a variation of what I believe to be the 'Master Equation'; based in classical observational physics, that Master Equation is a basic tool that is extremely useful in explaining all of existence. Its variations always concern themselves with some force moving a specified mattergy through a specified resistance of mattergy over time with an inverse relationship of the specified mattergy moved to the specified mattergy that is resisting for any given force applied. For every action of mattergy in a delineated sphere of influence there is an equal and opposite reaction of mattergy and all of these motions are inter coupled with and time relative to all other spheres of influence.

Like DETODs the familiarity and ubiquitousness of the Master Equation concept makes it almost invisible, taken for granted and easily overlooked. But we live in an amazing world of yet undiscovered, or yet unrecognized, inter-penetrating, overlapping in time, multidimensional spheres of influence and this Master Equation applies to the inner mechanics of them all. We have not yet touched the surface of defining and exploring them. It is, in the end, simply a matter of correctly defining concrete, and even less concrete, probable parameters as in Celli's Law. We first observe some distinct basic phenomena; water pressure, heat, light, electromagnetic waves, electricity, plant propagation, magnetism, xrays, microwaves, deception, perception, cons, fists, liforces, etc., and then we explain, discover, quantify, and theorize anew, through higher level mathematics and ever more concrete and precise fact gathering, proofs and new discoveries about these phenomena that ultimately give us more precise definition of them and ultimately greater control over them. But in the end — in the essence — in every case, when isolated for observation, there is always a defined force moving a defined flow of mattergy through a defined resistance of mattergy over time and all of these individual forces and motions are inter coupled with and relative to all other spheres of influence. Einstein took this classical mechanics to its highest refinement with his relative mechanics. Celli's law borrows from some of that relative mechanics and states that measurements of various quantities in a sphere of influence are relative to the power of the perception of the observer, and, the resultant mattergy flow released as DETODs can dilate, or contract, that sphere of influence accordingly. Similarly, energy and matter should be considered together (as mattergy) and considered in conjunction with and in relation to Einstein's consideration that space and time should be considered together and in relation to each other. This combining of internal and external spheres of influence, space, time, energy and matter relativities considered simultaneously requires expanding on Einstein's statement that the speed of light is invariant and the same for all observers. That is true in considering space and time in isolation, but when combined with considering the impact of the power of perception to move mattergy, the control of the speed of light allows a power aggregation that must be factored in. Light still travels at the speed of light but the power of it to alter and move mattergy in the organodynamic world — the end result — is in the hands of the few who control perception. Speed of light, and the aggregate power of the speed of light, now laden with information and controlled by perception and manifested as a DETOD, are two vastly different phenomena but their relative forces can be ever more accurately calculated through spatio-temporal tracking and the use of Celli's Law.

When we finally do get to observe what is going on at the sub atomic level of string theory (and we will) we will see the same Master Equation at work and the strings will be found to be made not of some base uniform element as suggested but rather made up of ever smaller particles or elements moving to the workings of the Master Equation. Similarly, quantum theory 'entanglements' will be found to have as yet undiscovered particles moving faster than the speed of light (in fact they confirm it) but that also conform to the Master Equation. It will also be shown that the Overforce does allow the limited rolling of dice in the imagination of organisms. It is imagination that feeds perception and triggers the switch of free will to create and release DETODs within a sphere of influence. The existence of multiple universes will also soon be proven and the Master Equation will be there too. Yes it gets seemingly philosophical here but there is a lot that is based in reality and remember that philosophy is a DETOD created to get needs met. The take away here, the importance of this, is that the Master Equation is a basic grounding test to be applied in all of perception. When someone tells you that sh!t flows uphill you should immediately consider all of the forces involved and remember that deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
Imagination, the Human Spark, Celli's Paradox — the Overforce's crap table... Infinite speed far faster than the speed of light is already here, it exists in one's imagination, and like DETODs it is so commonplace and ubiquitous that its incredible power is again severely overlooked and wasted. As mentioned in the preceding, the speed of light, and the aggregate power of the speed of light, controlled and modulated by perception and manifested as a DETOD, are two vastly different interrelated phenomena that can be calculated by use of spatio-temporal tracking. The dilation and contraction of the universe is inter coupled with the dilation and contraction of any deliniated sphere of influence but now we are able to look at the modulated information carrying light and other constituent components of DETODs within the sphere of influence relative to all other organodynamic forces within that sphere of influence. That this is now true is a result of past use of indeterminate imagination in human organisms (Bohr, Einstein, et al.) coupled with their free will choice — their determinate choice — triggered to create and release their foundational DETODs that now make it possible. We evolve based on past imagination driven DETODs and benefit from the imagination of others inherent within them. Imagination is the indeterminate unlimited augmentation of perception. We do not do enough of imagining. Imagination is the Overforce's crap table where the limited rolling of dice is allowed. Consider...

Imagination is indeterminate but what it produces subscribes to determinate laws... Bohr and Einstein who argued over indeterminacy in Quantum Mechanics were both correct in their separate beliefs as stated. Einstein, who said, "God does not play dice with the Universe.", believed that everything is 100% predictable given sufficient understanding of the data. Bohr, who replied, "Stop telling God what to do, Albert", argued that because the act of observation affected the outcome unpredictability was inevitable. But they were both focused on the external spheres of influence and the argument can be better resolved by examining the internal sphere of an organism's mind and how it relates to all spheres of influence.

Ironically it is where those separate beliefs emanate from — in the imagination of the mind's of Einstein and Bohr — that give rise to considering a more correct assessment of whether or not the Overforce allows the rolling of dice. The more correct assessment would be what I call Celli's Paradox where the Overforce always controls the outcome of the dice landing on the table but not the decision to throw them on the table. That decision is first created in the indeterminate imagination of an organism's mind, and as stated above, ultimately manifested in their DETODs that do adhere to determinate laws. It is in the mind of the organism where we are connected to the yin and yang of infinity and the spark of creation. Imagination is the spark of creation — the spark of the Overforce — and we are one!

It is the human ego that confines this indeterminate imaginative ability and limits human existence to a simple life and death paradox and so many other forms of limited, paradoxical, in the box thinking. In reality there is no life death paradox. There are no limits. That is flat earth thinking based on limited data points. The reality is that the Overforce will allow eternal life but it will have to subscribe to Celli's Paradox where the Overforce controls the mechanics, the outcome of the dice landing on the table — the mechanics used to create the eternal life — but not the decision to create eternal life. And here it is wise to ponder the truth in the statement; You make your own reality — and you do it through your imagination!

Imagination, faster than the speed of light, is enhanced by a DETOD rich environment... Where free will is the choice switch that triggers perception into the activity of creating a DETOD, imagination is the wellspring of perception. Like free will, imagination draws from the environment. If that environment is  DETOD stimulus rich it enhances imagination, if it is lacking in DETOD stimulus it impedes imagination. Imagination is far faster than the speed of light. Imagination drives human evolution as it contributes to the creation of DETODs and moving mattergy. Through imagination one can travel faster than the speed of light and simultaneously be virtually in two places at once. Consider as a thought experiment photos from Mars juxtaposed with photos of Earth that show geographically similar details. As you ponder them, you are, in your mind, virtually there in both places. Many people are 'on' Mars every day now on the internet. Consider also that imagination, fueled by past DETODs, was the driving force of getting to Mars. As the collective mind highway of DETODs is further created and exponentially increased through functional gene drift and the Electronic Migration Effect imagining the reality will merge with the reality. Just as we now experience the reality of Mars in our minds, because we have extended through DETODs our human cerebral and motor abilities and physically placed those abilities there, we will soon experience the reality of the entire universe and beyond. We will, faster than the speed of light, virtually be there and have functional access there. It will be no different than imagining what is in the next room, what the next block looks like, or what the next town or county looks like from past observation. Functionally we have and will extend our influence at greater than light speeds in our imaginations. As more powerful DETODs that extend human capabilities are created we will soon virtually be there in those places and gather resources to get our needs met.
Imagination is the god head spiritual connection to the Overforce that can extend one's perception and one's sphere of influence. Shun those who say there is nothing new under the sun — the universe has only begun to unfold and reveal itself — we enter the candy store of the unknown. Imagination is the wellspring of the ability of the human organism of the future to move currently unbelievable quantities of mattergy. All things are possible through imagination; including unlimited speeds far faster than the speed of light, time travel, parallel universes, smokable rubber cigars, or any other phenomenon the mind can conceive. Avoid the naysayers and protect, fight for, and nurture your spirit so that you may enjoy the journey. Imagine peace, happiness, and fairness for all human beings on planet earth and it will come to pass.

The sobering reality, a caution... The inspirational mind triumphs over matter material, just discussed above, must always be tempered with the sobering reality that you will never exercise that power if your spirit is diminished by others. Beware those who tell you to exercise your power while they hold the key to your chains. You must fight with all your strength of spirit those who seek to diminish your spirit and the spirit of others.

Imaginoes... Having said the above I sometimes suspect that imagination is subject to some inter coupling communication that is already taking place by forces yet to be explained. [I put this on a separate screen, as it is unfinished and will get quite lengthy I am sure.]

Empathy... A caution: Empathy — the ability to understand and vicariously experience the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another — is greatly affected by the accelerated growth of DETODs. Empathy is primarily an emotive based phenomenon. Because so many people still exist in the human organisms pre-DETOD emotive based world of rapidly made reactionary behaviors, and because so many are in the process of moving to the proactive intellectually considered over time behaviors that DETODs allow, it is difficult to empathize with another individual accurately without fully knowing where they stand in the transition. As previously mentioned it is the DETODs that afford the organism more time to think through behaviors in advance that allows this to be so. This obviously gives great advantage to those who control and understand the power of DETODs — think advertising and marketing here — and it is at the heart of all emotion driven propaganda. In order to unravel the effects of propaganda the best and most lasting counter propaganda is to explain the process in intellectual vs emotive terms — the mechanics of it — and bring the victims up to speed on knowledge of the DETODs. One must also factor in, as mentioned above, the DETODs that are self driven in their creation by other  DETODs and the past morality that they contain. This will be discussed further in the next section on the Onotron.

The value of the formula...
Celli's Law — Terms & Definitions

• Lifeforces — Each and every living human organism has a Perceptive Force* consisting of potential and kinetic energy that moves mattergy through mattergy within a delineated sphere of influence. That human perceptive energy is expressed in Liforces. One Liforce is the force required to move one con through one fist as defined below. The Lifeforce always seeks to get needs met (real or perceived) to move the organism through its evolutionary life cycle.

*The Perceptive Force... Perception is the power of an organism to constantly and simultaneously assess its internal and external status in the grand scheme of things and devise deceptive coping strategies to get its needs met (perceived or real) so as to continue its existence. Perception is a dynamic cerebral force whose power is dependent on a variety of factors; the evolutionary past of the organism (which varies by species and within species), the sphere of influence the organism exists in, the cerebral ability and knowledge base of the organism, past accomplishments of the organism, the range and power of the organisms sensing mechanisms, the age of the organism, the size of the organism, the gender of the organism, etc.

The perceptive force of an organism interacts in real time with its motor forces to simultaneously control its internal functions — the processing of the spoils of past deceptions through a sort, utilize, save, and discard process — and at the same time to consider and create new deceptions that will be deployed externally (in a similar, but task modified, sort and acquire process) to insure that future needs will be met. The perceptive force, depending on the complexity of the organism, can range from the simple, as in single cell organisms, to the very complex, as in humans, where there is complex control interaction of many; mechano, electro, chemo, bio, etc., sensory and motor transformational physical forces. These more complex multi-cell animals always contain interdependent networks that perceive and respond to the internal and external environment; closed feedback loops, light sensitive cells, gene triggers, cascade control genes, etc. These networks are all examples of an endless array of sensory perception mechanisms that 'choose', through a variety of convergence schemes, to process the spoils of past deceptions internally, and, to deploy the organism's deceptions to acquire more mattergy from the external sphere of influence to sustain life.

• Cons — A con is a measure of the flow of mattergy through mattergy in a deliniated sphere of influence initiated by a human organism. It is always a deceptive force. One con is equal to the average amount of mattergy flow required to sustain one human for a life cycle. The number is derived derived from calculating the total mattergy flow initiated by of all humans, exclusive of exoforces*, and dividing it by the total number of human organisms on the planet.

• Fists — A fist is a measure of the flow of mattergy, initiated by a human organism, that resists the mattergy flow of a con in a delineated sphere of influence. It is always a deceptive force. One fist is equal to the amount of mattergy required to resist one con.

The Deceptive Force... Where the organism, as a result of its perceptive considerations, takes physical action through its motor forces and interacts externally with its sphere of influence to get its needs met and thereby sustain life, the *base force is considered to be a deceptive force. The base force is considered to be a deceptive force because, first, all organisms base forces are cannibalistic by nature, and second, no other organism gives up its life force 'willingly'. It must be deceived into doing so. Those that do give up their life force willingly are the victims of other organisms deceptions or self mis perceptions and ultimately do not last in the arena of evolution.

Like perception, the deceptive force of an organism is also dependent on the same range of factors noted above; the evolutionary past of the organism (which varies by species and within species), the sphere of influence the organism exists in, the cerebral ability and knowledge base of the organism, past accomplishments of the organism, the range and power of the organisms sensing mechanisms, the age of the organism, the size of the organism, the gender of the organism, etc.

• The Franella — The Franella is Lifeforces per unit of time. One franella equals one Liforce in one second (using the SI unit of second; the second is the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom at rest at a temperature of 0 K.)

• Sphere of influence (S) is defined as... The sphere of influence is the arbitrary space delineated to examine the flow of mattergy initiated by an organism or any number of organisms within that so defined sphere of influence. It  is similar to a circuit in electronics and can range from very simple to extremely complex.

The real world benefits of Celli's Law... The benefits here are obvious and many...

• First and foremost it recognizes perception in all organisms as a measurable force.

• Second, it recognizes deception as the physical manifestation of that force expressed as a DETOD, and that those DETODs expressed are the strongest political force (mover of mattergy) in the organodynamic realm.

• Understanding and using Celli's Law will force you to greater awareness of the macro view of life. So many of us are so focused on our immediate goals and lost in our deceptions, and the deceptions of others, that we fail to see the big picture. It is like someone reading a newspaper so intensely on the Titanic as it was sinking that the reader never noticed the rising cold frigid water and so perished as a result.

• At the same time you become more aware of the macro view it will cause you to become more aware of your own sphere of influence and the macro factors that influence your local events. You will be able to more accurately ascertain your own power.

• It will reveal how disingenuous, contrived, and self serving of the established rich, our present day intentionally deceptive economic models are, and that the sociopathic wealthy few are deceptively taking a grossly unfair share of life’s pie by short circuiting the life force power of the masses through culture shaping DETODs.

• It will provide a means to create more precise translational models that assign standard equivalences to mattergy flow, i.e., how many cows on the hoof are equal to how many barrels of oil, how many loaves of bread, etc. This will form the basis of a ‘fair’ basket of mattergy (goods) to peg a new holistic fiat global money supply.

• A key benefit of using, understanding, and promoting Celli's Law into general acceptance by all people is that it will create an awareness of a fair share of mattergy for each human on the planet as a basis for a newly structured societal model based not on shill economics and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but rather on Gross Human Health and Happiness (GHHH) as the most important societal goal.

• Celli's Law will show the independent existence of the Onotron and the amount of mattergy flow going to the ‘birthing’ of the Onotron (next section). and how it contributes to the morality of now and the future.

• Most importantly it will show how our DETODs created today contribute to the morality of the Onotron now and in the future.

Only when I stepped way way back could I see it...

The Staggering Implications Of It All
We can't see the Onotron for the DETODs...There is much truth to the old saying that someone, "can't see the forest for the trees". And so it is with DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools of Dominance). Because we are born into them, and because we are all so enmeshed in the detail of daily creating them and trying to best utilize them, we never see the form and shape that they are taking in their totality. That fledgling form, of all of the aggregate DETODs created by human organisms, is the Onotron. It is the next recognizable iteration of humanity. We are living within a birthing process and we have not yet recognized the staggering implications of  it all.



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