"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

Life's Barroom...
The road to oneness in human evolution has been, and will continue to be, a rocky one. This uniquely
interesting and thought provoking graphic and poem was created with the intent of facilitating and easing the struggle along the way.

Conceptually "Life's Barroom" is meant to stimulate thought about and expose the system imposed, intellectually confining, box walls of thought we all labor under; religion, politics, philosophy, etc. The deeper meaning concerns itself with the masks we all use to avoid dealing directly with the life death paradox. The graphic also introduces the drink of "Fairism" and the religious belief of Funiteism. (works in progress) The graphic is a bit intentionally opinionated (artistic license of course) as it takes a swipe at capitalism gangsterism and portrays socialism as a big loving heart. But then that adds spice to the conversation and adds to the provocation.

I am currently working on a music video with the "Life's Barroom" poem as lyrics.The musical form in the music video is a Gregorian chant with an accapella foreground singing of the lyrics. It projects a sense of mystery and reverence for the Deceptionology based content — coping with the meaning and mystery of life.

Collector's version... This 17" X 22" print is available in a limited edition, hand signed and dated giclee edition for $175.00 + S&H, delivered flat and ready for framing.

Commercial version... It is also available in a smaller, but still high quality, unsigned commercial 11" X 17" full color print edition for $ 20.00 plus S&H, delivered in a three inch rolled tube.

This is an excellent gift for philosophy and social science students, politicians, religious leaders, military leaders, financial parasites of all stripes, and those wishing to further their knowledge of the politics of life and the study of Deceptionology.

Quantity discounts for educational institutions are available. Please inquire.


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