"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
Terminology in this article is based on the Deceptionology Thesis
This one is for all of the kids in the world, of every color...

The chaos of deception is the driving force of renewed interest in the improvement of human morality.

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Major Goals...
Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The Electoral Process
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2. Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The Media
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3. Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The FED
(Utility money and EQUAL bail out for all!)
4. Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The Corporate Structure
(Proportional democratic citizen
5. Equal access government with democratically determined Greed Limits!

To seek remedy from the rapist is folly, they care not a twit about the wrongs that they have just so knowingly and willfully committed. The chicken does not beseech the fox for justice. The fly does not ask the spider to release him from the web. What is so difficult to understand here? One might just as well ask the sun to rise in the west, streams to flow up hill or pigs to fly. Do not hold your breath waiting for the results.

When you live a life of service to others you live a life of service to self.
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Hmmm... where are the 'intelligentsia' on this deception?

A pivotal and explosive issue ripe for exploitation, what's holding everyone back?

Just as the powers that be selectively slant, limit, and under report election results, so too should 'progressives' (who claim that they have a desire for real positive change), express favorable viewpoints in the opposite direction. But they do not. Why not?

Obama got a comparatively piddling 29% of the total of all eligible voters, while 43% of them — 93,000,000 eligible citizens — boycotted the election. And as the graphic says, it was not apathy that kept them away (despite what you might read in a few phony 'phew' surveys), it was cynicism, anger, and awakening to the realization that our government is so co-opted by corporate interests that it is now totally non responsive to the will of the people. Time and time again our elected officials have thwarted the will of the American people, including the gullible folks who do vote and thereby unwittingly legitimize and validate the corporate gangsters status and thus keep them in power.

The 'intelligentsia' are holding you back — its time to ask why?
The graphic and story above should be a center stage rallying issue for all of those who claim that they are for positive change. Especially the 'intelligentsia', most of whom bill themselves as 'progressives'. But it is rarely spoken about and the vast majority of them are silent on the issue, and in fact they themselves constantly bandy about the baloneyspeak election results as if they were gospel. Why? Because they themselves are an integral part of the ginormous fake left and fake right deception machine that daily grinds out intentional energy dissipating baloneyspeak propaganda. They know that the electoral scam gives validation to, and 'legitimizes', the gangsters that  have taken over our government; a government that insures them their greater snob status and greater crumb supply. Without this electoral farce these xtrevilist gangsters and these fake 'progressive' shills would have no claim to power.

That is why they are constantly promoting their ever more intentionally complex fake remedial theories and imploring you to write to your useless representatives in your corporate hijacked government to implement them. They constantly mask the underlying class war  — xtrevilism vs fairism (the self anointed rich against the rest of us) — and the scam electoral process by keeping you focused instead on the daily system supplied divisive baloneyspeak pap issues. They know well that conplexity (intentionally created complexity meant to deceive and enslave another) is a mainstay of the rich screwing the rest of us and so they create ever more of it and pay legitimizing lip service to it.

In short, they are working overtime to keep you believing in the crooked game and that  they have your best interests at heart. Many of them have a learned ingrained elitism gained through their educational inbredculteration. Yes my friends, I'm afraid the 'intelligentsia' — the poser 'progressives' — are right smack dab in the middle of it. They believe they are smarter than the rest of us, that their crap does not stink, and that we do not see their
revolving door deceptions where their propaganda created fake heroes bounce from government, to academia, to powerful positions in secessionist traitorous corporations. Simple fairness and honesty embodied in a morality that serves all citizens equally terrifies them!

Yes, the system does indeed sometimes work for a token few — many who are friends of the 'progressives' — but most always it works for those with bankrolls big enough to buy greater influence; and even their numbers are diminishing as it now takes greater and greater sums of money to buy that influence.

Failure to see the real motivations — many are stuck on Vanilla Greed Stupid...

Notice also that these fake intellectuals
do sometimes call for limited and meaningless boycotts for their favorite causes. This is most always some manifestation of the policy infighting at the top, where the old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Profit faction (evilism) is trying to regain control from the more Pernicious Greed for Destruction faction (xtrevilism) that is now clearly in the driver's seat.

The old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Profit evilism faction is stuck on stupid. Being elitists themselves, and used to screwing people for profit to begin with, they still think that this is all about profit; and so they are more inclined to look the other way at the severity of the herd thinning and the increasing bifurcation of the global culture into one of ruler and ruled. I can not express loudly enough, or enough times, that they are a major stumbling block here. It is these over educated free lunch rent seeking exploiters with an elevated sense of self worth and invincibility who are always so easily conned and at the same time so defensive of their belief in their own intelligence and goodness. What ever happened to moral self-examination?

Have no doubt about it, this is an intentional global herd thinning in process and it is designed to end in a two tier global system of ruler and ruled with the ruled in a perpetual conflict with each other that is overseen by a robotic law enforcement class. The old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Profit faction (evilism), blinded by their own immoral elite arrogance, will be ground into the ruled class like so much sausage. Many are already there and do not know yet what has hit them.

One has to step way back from the intentionally created divisive chaos to fully understand what is going on over time. The rich are getting richer at the expense of all of the rest of us.

Regardless of what policy faction they are in in the present it is well past time to realize that the majority of the self proclaimed smarter than you snob 'intellectuals' you are listening to daily are in reality aware of the deceptions of either stripe and they are intentionally hoodwinking you! The big tell of course is that they are (of both factions), constantly imploring you to work within the system for positive change. That's not a sign of intelligence, that's a sign of intentional deception and someone running a con. Don't buy the baloney, eating it will make you sick, sap your spirit, and put you in an early grave. Only the real dumb ass chickens politely ask the fox to stop eating them.

Its time to start calling it what it is and capitalize on and formalize election boycotts. Will it work? — You can bet your ass that it will!
One of the reasons that the fact that 93,000,000 million eligible Americans boycott the elections is downplayed (and almost outright suppressed unless it is used to sell the apathy meme and demonize the nonvoting rest of us as lazy and unpatriotic), is because it is such a potentially explosive issue. Claiming that voting block as one and building on the seething mass of discontent within it by pro-actively celebrating it and growing it, makes the powers that be very nervous. That is why the powers that be have their shills working overtime to distract you away from the issue with their deceptive selective phony coverage of it and to convince you that it is 'apathy' and laziness on the part of those who do not vote. Don't buy into it!

Consider; many times policy change in a corrupt government is driven more from those outside the corrupt government, rather than from within. As forces amassing outside of the system grow they put pressure on the system to change in order to bring the dissenters back into the fold. The boycott movement has the present mandate and is only 8% points away from claiming a simple majority.

Proactive boycotts to gain that majority can be conducted safely, peacefully, and patriotically from your own home by sending a simple and polite certified letter to your supervisor of elections demanding that your non vote be counted as a 'Vote Of No Confidence' in our present corrupt government. Display your letter, with those of other citizens, in public gathering places to bring others on board and at the same time discuss and apply force for a Constitutional revision. Here is some starter information for those who see the wisdom here;

"Strategy — Phase One
1. Election Boycotts:
Gaining Power: Job number one — creating a responsive to the will of the people direct democracy electoral process... Farce to force! Yes, you have to give up being controlled by farce in order to take control and gain force! This will take proactive, not passive, boycotts of the present electoral process with a reorganization outside of, and in parallel with, the corrupt system.

When you come to see that these abuses are either by design, as I strongly believe, or even not by design, it matters not. What matters is that the abuses exist, they are severe, and they are working to destroy us. Good conscience, love, and caring, compels us now — all of us — to withdraw our consent, to no longer be complicit, and to shun the present farce immoral social political system and start again to gain force outside the present system.

The power of shunning — a 'Vote of NO Confidence'... Voting is not a civic duty, it is a civil right like free speech. Just as you are not compelled to speak, you are not compelled to vote. Not voting is a vote that has the power of context. In times of citizen satisfaction a non vote can be considered a vote of confidence in the government that is setting the policy that is providing that citizen satisfaction. In turbulent times, where the citizenry is vocally dissatisfied and has repeatedly shown its disapproval when the government has repeatedly acted against its citizen will and been non responsive to that will, a non vote can be considered a 'Vote of NO Confidence' in that non responsive government. There is little doubt of citizen dissatisfaction with today's wealthy elite Xtrēvilism corporate governance and little doubt that moneyed wealthy elite corporate interests have hijacked our government. Poll after poll leaves no doubt as to citizen dissatisfaction. Non votes in today's context can confidently be counted as 'Votes of NO Confidence' in this hijacked government."

More here;


With a scam hijacked government, 'rule of law', and controlled media, all you have left is the court of public opinion — its time to use it more wisely!

Stop bouncing your daily commentary off of the intentionally divisive fake system pap and stop directing your good ideas to the foxes; instead forge new ground by consolidating media and staying focused on and revealing the upper level causative dynamics and their rationales;

• The ever spreading disease of Xtrevilism
• Use of the elite sociopathic Noble Lie
• Use of the secessionist and traitorous corporate structure
• Control of media to negatively shape culture through propaganda
• Control of the global money supply through the FED and its collusion with other central banks
• The bogus "lies of omission" electoral process
• The ever increasing domestic surveillance
• The growing police state tactics against peaceful protesters
• Creating incessant fear mongering and intentional divisiveness
• The ever growing hollywood Xtrevilwood; evil, wealth, violence, and cop adoring industry
• etc.

We the masses are many; they, the Xtrevilist rich sociopaths, are few — very few!

It is time to swing the hammer of truth and freedom. And remember, ideas are like wedges, it is persistence that drives them home! Get started today, and keep hammering!

Archive Of Past Articles

<1% vs 99%


E•vil•ism  a : Evilism is a disease of the mind that affects one's morality and causes aberrant, antisocial, destructive evil behavior b :the predominant form of behavior of duplicitous people in power c : extensive practice of evil

X•trē•vil•ism 1 a : extreme Evilism; an insideous mutation of the disease of Evilism that causes extreme moral depravity resulting in extremely aberrant, antisocial, duplicitous behaviors :  b : Xtrēvilism is a secretive system of extreme Evilism c : rule by self anointed elite mentally unstable sick pigs that practice use of the Noble Lie while posing as good and righteous citizens
2 a :
a system of society in which an extremely evil sick few, through propaganda and the corporate structure, incrementally change the morality of a society in order to create divisive debilitating conflict so as to rule over it in a two tier system of ruler and ruled b : a system that appeals to humans greed, vanity, selfishness, contentiousness, apathy and trust in others to divide them, thereby causing them great harm c : perniciously greedy and controlling
3 a :
a system in which the aberrant evil sick few; control, debilitate, and decimate the many, by pitting them one against the other

 Evilism is a parasitic form of old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction, it is a milder form of cannibalization that sustains its host victim for future exploitation.

Xtrēvilism is a parasitic form of Pernicious Greed for Destruction, it is an extreme form of cannibalization that minimally sustains or destroys its host victim with no concern for future exploitation.

Gullibleism 1 a : Way too trusting :  b : Gullibleism is characterized by an acceptance of the status quo without question c : belief in trusting government without performing any personal oversight other than watching TV and dutifully voting every few years d: ASSumpto logic
2 a :
a system of society in which the many are conned and controlled by the few.
3 :
lacking in perception

Fairism a : a moral ideal, a societal framework, opposed to Xtrēvilism and Evilism b : one for all and all for one rule by direct democracy and fairness with moral sustainability

Profit a : profit is fair value given for fair value received as opposed to Xtrēvilism and Evilism which are instead lopsidedly parasitic and destructive

Process Decoys*
(Concealing the deceptions in goodness.)
Process decoys are intentionally created and co-opted or hi-jacked abstract terms of process, many of which are initially of idealistic and well intentioned origin but no longer exist in that idealistic state. They are used to re-label and give cover to (to mask and conceal) corruption so as to confuse you, make you feel inferior, divert your attention, and misdirect your energies. In their totality, process decoys all work to tilt the playing field against you.
In the world of finance voo doo economics; capitalism, free markets, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, private property, futures contracts, inflation, deflation, stagflation, rehypothecation, etc., are all used as abstract process masking decoys. They are all favorites of the Noble Liars and their sell out media minions in Xtrēvilism used to mask their gangster activities.
Their victims (read you) spend billions of hours of their good time — long after their pockets have been emptied — in trying to give concrete meaning to them and understand them.
Real political analysis always follows the money and the power flow, not the process decoy deceptions.
Process decoys in street talk are known as "jargonized bullshit"!

The Goal...
 Xtrēvilism And Evilism!

Occupy Morality!

1. Reclaim & Revise!
Our Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
2. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked
Electoral Process!

Occupy Morality!
3. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
4. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked Media!

Occupy Morality!
5. Reclaim & Revise!
Federal Reserve!

Occupy Morality!
6. Reclaim & Revise!
Corporate Structure!

Occupy Morality!
7. Reclaim & Revise!
Hijacked Commons!

Occupy Morality!
The Fraudsters!



 The 'Greed And Evil Are Good' meme must be replaced with the Sustainability is Better meme.
Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™


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"We have eradicated Small Pox, and we are presently on the verge of eliminating Polio and Guinea-Worm Disease, we need to put the disease of Xtrēvilism on the top of the list!"
Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™

Parasite Finance...
Hooking you and your friends and neighbors on debt just the same as hooking on you dope!

Bankers Are Morally Sick
Aberrant Parasites!

Avoid Sorrow!
Don't Borrow!

STOP Xtrēvilism!

Stop Extra Judicial

Ban Drones!

People Suck!

Scamerica and America
There ARE two Americas now. One is America - the land of the 99% common people who have the real skills and do all the hard work, and the other is Scamerica, the land of the rich immoral aberrant gangster sick Xtrēvilism
parasitic corporate pigs who are stealing it all away!

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