"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
Terminology in this article is based on the Deceptionology Thesis
This one is for all of the kids in the world, of every color...

The chaos of deception is the driving force of renewed interest in the improvement of human morality.

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To seek remedy from the rapist is folly, they care not a twit about the wrongs that they have just so knowingly and willfully committed. The chicken does not beseech the fox for justice. The fly does not ask the spider to release him from the web. What is so difficult to understand here? One might just as well ask the sun to rise in the west, streams to flow up hill or pigs to fly. Do not hold your breath waiting for the results.

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The Opium Wars Continue — Only The Drug Has Changed...
China — Enveloped By Xtrevilism!
Its Not The Economy! Its The Disease Stupid!

 China: Now Deeply Infected With The Sociopathic Disease Of Xtrevilism

Same wars, different drug...
The Opium Wars in China were milestone events in the nation's history. Great Britain, in a move to repatriate silver that was being spent for tea (there was a high demand for tea in Britain and only silver was accepted in payment by China), and at the same time to subjugate the Chinese people, introduced the recreational use of opium mixed with tobacco products. This resulted in the opium wars of 1839–1842, and 1856–1860. These wars ended in a victory of the Western powers over China resulting in the Treaty of Nanjing and the Treaties of Tientsin. Hong Kong Island and southern Kowloon were also ceded to the United Kingdom.

Four items are worthy of note here;

1. The opium laced tobacco products in and of themselves did comparatively little harm to the nation.

2. The greater harm was in tearing, fragmenting, and degrading the social fabric of China as many Chinese citizens joined in on the deceptive subjugation of their fellow countrymen for profit by pushing these drugs. This was in reality a manifestation of the growth of the sociopathic disease of Xtrevilism as it infected many Chinese citizens and resulted in a weakening of their national alliance.

3. The opium wars also resulted in the "Self-Strengthening Movement" which drastically changed the direction of the country and further strengthened the spread of the infection of Xtrevilism. From Wicki;

The majority of the ruling elite still subscribed to a conservative Confucian worldview, but following China's serious defeats in the First and Second Opium Wars, several officials now argued that in order to strengthen itself against the West, it was necessary to adopt Western military technology and armaments. This could be achieved by establishing shipyards and arsenals, and by hiring foreign advisers to train Chinese artisans to manufacture such wares in China. It was believed that the intelligence and wisdom of the Chinese civilization was superior to those of Western "barbarians", and thus China would first learn from foreigners, then equal them, and finally surpass them. As such, the "self-strengtheners" were by and large uninterested in any social reform beyond the scope of economic and military modernization.

The "Self-Strengthening Movement" also represented another wedge in the social fabric of China as not all of the elite were in agreement with the policy of diverting valuable resources to military technology and armaments. This also caused further weakening in the unity of the national alliance.

4. All of the above took place when information flow was at a snail's pace (compared to today) and changes were made very slowly.

The new drug — credit creation' (money creation) and its many financial derivative products...
The above four points are worthy of note because the drug being introduced and 'pushed' by the Western powers in China today is 'credit creation' (money creation) and its many financial derivative products. Most important here is to note the parallels that can be drawn to the aforementioned items of note listed above, especially the legacy policy reactions in place as they are typical in the spread of Xtrevilism.

The many faces of credit creation; insurance, a tool for growth, a drug, a weapon, a tool of enslavement...
Yes, credit creation, depending on its use, can be many things. It can easily be used as a reality altering and enhancing drug much like opium. We see that use all over the globe today, and especially in China, where problems from its newness, in terms of product array, far surpass any safeguards in place to resolve those problems (not that the safeguards that are in place in other nation states around the globe are working, as they have been and are being rapidly dismantled).

People crave large doses of cash to run the competitive race of life a little faster, a little happier, and with greater perceived status than the next guy. Just as we ban the disadvantage of steroids in sports we should ban the disadvantage of credit in the race of life. Credit, like opium, used wisely and judiciously, is not in and of itself the problem. If used fairly it can be used to mutually benefit the individual and the total social alliance. If  adopted and used unequally with reckless abandon the drug becomes a society degrading weapon that serves to enslave, debilitate and kill.

"Learn, equal, surpass", a deception response that is common policy...
This scam financial system was introduced into China in tandem with, and as a condition of, also introducing labor exploiting western technology which the Chinese wanted.

Can we all remember Tricky Dick shaking hands with Chairman Mao? Can we all remember the "learn, equal, and surpass", rationale of the "Self-Strengthening Movement" after the opium wars noted above? The Chinese did not want the labor exploitation of course, but were willing to work cheap to gain the technology, knowledge and skills to use it. This is a common response to a deception. It is not only policy in China, but similar responses are seen everywhere. People will work cheaply, or for nothing at all, to get a leg up, like when an intern in the US works for no pay in the hopes of getting a job with the knowledge and experiences gained. Is this a worthwhile response to the deceptions that have put an individual or group in an inferior position? It depends on what you are learning, whether or not it truly benefits the social alliance or individual doing the adopting, and very important; does it strengthen and benefit, or does it weaken, those who are providing the 'lessons', and do you want them strengthened or weakened?

In the case of a social alliance, like China, we again see the top level divisiveness caused by grappling with this policy decision that will affect the nation's future. Bo Xilai's life in prison sentence is in great part a result of his corrupt use of credit (no rules for me I am the elite) and this divisive policy conflict. Look to see the West fan the fire of divisiveness of his appeal.

Adopting Deceptions...
The greater harm of the credit 'drug' is again, like opium, not the drug itself, but rather the damage done to the Chinese social alliance in pitting one citizen against another in a credit feeding frenzy.

The private Chinese shadow banking industry (today's version of the past sell out opium pushers) now represents 40% to 70% (depending on who you believe and what you think constitutes shadow banking) of GDP. They are in direct competition (and ever growing collusion) with the state banks that fund them, and just as silver spent on recreational opium in the past went to Great Britain instead of into the coffers of the ruling Chinese elite, savings that were a few short years ago going to the central state Chinese banks are now instead chasing higher returns and going to the shadow bankers that sell the more potent and highly leveraged shady investment financial 'drugs'.

In the past opium wars there was also an initial period of collusion where the elite tolerated the opium market as they were getting, they thought, a substantial tax revenue, But as the opium market grew, opium dealers were becoming ever more powerful and the negative societal effects were becoming more apparent and intolerable. The ruling elite, alarmed and threatened, did an about face and worked to squelch the growth of recreational opium products. This led to the opium wars. We see the same dynamic with the new financial 'drugs' recently introduced in China;

Shadow banking, or lending that takes place beyond China's regulated banking industry, illustrates some of this phenomenon. Shadow banking totaled $6 trillion at the end of last year, or 69% of Chinese GDP, according to JPMorgan Chase. In a popular practice, shadow bankers raise funds from investors through wealth management products (WMPs), often offering 6% annual interest, compared to ordinary bank deposits carrying a low, government-set 3% rate. The shadow bankers, in turn, lend the proceeds from WMPs to small- to medium-sized enterprises or local government projects otherwise unable to get bank loans. The problem: WMPs are short-term, often maturing in three or six months, but are funded by these longer-term loans. To pay off investors when the WMPs come due, WMP lenders borrow from banks, which get their funds through the interbank lending market. The Chinese liquidity shortage in June was the PBOC's attempt to squelch the growth of WMPs.

These new financial 'drug' products that have been introduced into China are far more ruinous than opium and they are now 'pushed' at the speed of light. Where have we seen this non bank lending, 'free market', 'privatization meme', collusion based, government hijacking, financialization scam movie playing before? Oh yes, we see it everywhere, planet wide, as corruption of the 'rule of law' goes up, global morality goes down and the Xtrevilist sociopath gangsters take over.

Parasitism — its being intentionally promoted...
This article is not meant to castigate the Chinese, rather it is meant to expose the common dynamics of the spread of Xtrevilism and the resultant degradation of the now scam 'rule of law' and global morality. It is also meant to show that the focus should not be on the effects but rather the cause. Focus not on the economics of the 'drug', focus on the spread of the disease, especially the infectuous nature of it and the impossibility of its promises.

I want to be a parasite,
And sit on my fat ass,
While collecting rents from others,
In the disappearing lower class...

Yes, everyone wants to be a gambling parasite today (those infected with the disease of Xtrevilism promote the free lunch, everyone can be wealthy and not have to work meme), but abused resources of all kinds are dwindling and disappearing... it is a false goal.

To focus on the spread of the sociopathic disease of Xtrevilism you have to understand Deceptionology and its major sections.

The illustration below, based on the Deceptionology thesis, shows in diagram form how some deceptions are processed and dealt with by an individual or a group. It may be helpful to substitute viewpoint and behavior for perception and deception if you do not have a good understanding of Deceptionology. The type in red highlights a major struggle that China is currently going through and the "Damned if you do and damned if you don't." nature of the debate. The type in green highlights the always optimal choice if made with and eye to balance as stated in the illustration.

Click on the illustration for an enlarged version.

The Chinese, like the rest of us, need to focus on the harm being done to their national alliance; what it is doing to the harmony and fabric of their society and what is the best and most sane way to affiliate with the rest of the human family. We all need to realize that ultimately the over promoted "us" and "them" distinctions within the human family (manifestations of Xtrevilism used to create divisiveness and deflect from and promote immoral wealth spreads) must be mitigated and we all, as one, must focus our perceptive and deceptive ability not on each other, but as humanely as possible on other species and the inorganic world. In the long run it is those who most effectively nurture and utilize all of their resources that prevail.

But job one in achieving that goal is to gain control of our non responsive to the will of the people governments. A society is only as good as its people and how well they govern and utilize their resources.

Always remember, we are many, they are few — very few!

Some thoughts on getting started here... Fairism

<1% vs 99%


E•vil•ism  a : Evilism is a disease of the mind that affects one's morality and causes aberrant, antisocial, destructive evil behavior b :the predominant form of behavior of duplicitous people in power c : extensive practice of evil

X•trē•vil•ism 1 a : extreme Evilism; an insideous mutation of the disease of Evilism that causes extreme moral depravity resulting in extremely aberrant, antisocial, duplicitous behaviors :  b : Xtrēvilism is a secretive system of extreme Evilism c : rule by self anointed elite mentally unstable sick pigs that practice use of the Noble Lie while posing as good and righteous citizens
2 a :
a system of society in which an extremely evil sick few, through propaganda and the corporate structure, incrementally change the morality of a society in order to create divisive debilitating conflict so as to rule over it in a two tier system of ruler and ruled b : a system that appeals to humans greed, vanity, selfishness, contentiousness, apathy and trust in others to divide them, thereby causing them great harm c : perniciously greedy and controlling
3 a :
a system in which the aberrant evil sick few; control, debilitate, and decimate the many, by pitting them one against the other

 Evilism is a parasitic form of old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction, it is a milder form of cannibalization that sustains its host victim for future exploitation.

Xtrēvilism is a parasitic form of Pernicious Greed for Destruction, it is an extreme form of cannibalization that minimally sustains or destroys its host victim with no concern for future exploitation.

Gullibleism 1 a : Way too trusting :  b : Gullibleism is characterized by an acceptance of the status quo without question c : belief in trusting government without performing any personal oversight other than watching TV and dutifully voting every few years d: ASSumpto logic
2 a :
a system of society in which the many are conned and controlled by the few.
3 :
lacking in perception

Fairism a : a moral ideal, a societal framework, opposed to Xtrēvilism and Evilism b : one for all and all for one rule by direct democracy and fairness with moral sustainability

Profit a : profit is fair value given for fair value received as opposed to Xtrēvilism and Evilism which are instead lopsidedly parasitic and destructive

Process Decoys*
(Concealing the deceptions in goodness.)
Process decoys are intentionally created and co-opted or hi-jacked abstract terms of process, many of which are initially of idealistic and well intentioned origin but no longer exist in that idealistic state. They are used to re-label and give cover to (to mask and conceal) corruption so as to confuse you, make you feel inferior, divert your attention, and misdirect your energies. In their totality, process decoys all work to tilt the playing field against you.
In the world of finance voo doo economics; capitalism, free markets, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, private property, futures contracts, inflation, deflation, stagflation, rehypothecation, etc., are all used as abstract process masking decoys. They are all favorites of the Noble Liars and their sell out media minions in Xtrēvilism used to mask their gangster activities.
Their victims (read you) spend billions of hours of their good time — long after their pockets have been emptied — in trying to give concrete meaning to them and understand them.
Real political analysis always follows the money and the power flow, not the process decoy deceptions.
Process decoys in street talk are known as "jargonized bullshit"!

The Goal...
 Xtrēvilism And Evilism!

Occupy Morality!

1. Reclaim & Revise!
Our Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
2. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked
Electoral Process!

Occupy Morality!
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The Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
4. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked Media!

Occupy Morality!
5. Reclaim & Revise!
Federal Reserve!

Occupy Morality!
6. Reclaim & Revise!
Corporate Structure!

Occupy Morality!
7. Reclaim & Revise!
Hijacked Commons!

Occupy Morality!
The Fraudsters!



 The 'Greed And Evil Are Good' meme must be replaced with the Sustainability is Better meme.
Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™


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Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™

Parasite Finance...
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