"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
You are what you've been through, but now and the future are up to you.

The chaos of deception is the driving force of renewed interest in the improvement of human morality.

To seek remedy from the rapist is folly, they care not a twit about the wrongs that they have just so knowingly and willfully committed. The chicken does not beseech the fox for justice. The fly does not ask the spider to release him from the web. What is so difficult to understand here? One might just as well ask the sun to rise in the west, streams to flow up hill or pigs to fly. Do not hold your breath waiting for the results.

Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

Greetings and Welcome ...
Deceptionology — the study of deception and perception...

Greetings and welcome... Greetings and welcome to the BOXtheFOX™ web site, one man's effort to add a bit of understanding, reason, and fairness, to the amazingly complex cannibalistic world we have all been unwillingly thrust into. This web site is about Deceptionology, the study of deception and perception, the two core forces that regulate the evolution of all organisms.

A confluence of many unique personal events and factors are responsible for shaping and forming this web site into its present form. Some of those factors are most responsible and a bit of elaboration on them will provide the reader with some insights for consideration in judging the Deceptionology thesis that is presented here.

My past political activism... First and foremost, my past experiences as a target and victim of others deceptions has caused me to search for a deeper understanding of the essence of deception — the why of it all (see right sidebar). Why was I (and many many other targets of deception that I have interviewed in the past ten plus years) being maligned and demonized and blamed by the perpetrators of those deceptions as being at fault and told and made to feel that I was some kind of a bad person when I did not feel like a bad person? When I knew in my heart that I was acting the moral truth as I knew it. When I was following the letter of the law as it had been taught to me by the very same system and people that were abusing me. And why was I ostracized and demonized for speaking out and challenging those deceptions?

Through that extended and detailed searching, study, and reflecting process, I believe I have paid my dues in gaining knowledge of what I speak and also gained many insights about deception. I want to share those insights on this web site, especially with those of you who are new to political involvement and need to understand some of the basics involved, information that is unavailable in today's corporate controlled propagandistic media.

My inherent mistrust of the system... Like many of you, I have always held a nagging suspicion — a gut instinctual feeling — that something was not right with the way things are. I have always felt a bit over controlled and that there was some suspect force that was always working to diminish and dampen my spirit and exploit and use me in some fashion. My strong spirit has always caused me to be in opposition to that hidden force — rebellious towards it — but cautiously so as I have always worked within the frame work of the system's 'rule of law', to cope, to learn and to dissent. Through it all I have discovered that I was — as I instinctively knew — being deceived. I have also learned what that deceptive force was in its essence and that that force is responsible for the formation of an even greater now recognizable force that adds even more to our daily anxieties. I have also learned why so many of you who are feeling the same way are fearful and afraid to act against those who are screwing you and stealing your lunch. I want to share those insights on this web site.

My love of variety and expression through art... I have never been content to stay in any one job for an extended period of time. I have always been more interested in doing a great variety of things in my life, to follow my joy rather than to get bogged down in one monotonous pursuit. Being self directed and self reliant has always been important to me. The end result of following that less well travelled path of variety is that I am an amateur 'jack of all and master of none' individual with a broad array of skill sets. In all of those many pursuits I have always found art and its many forms of expression to be an excellent means, for me personally, to reflect, consider, sort out, and crystallize my thinking about many of the day to day trials and tribulations in my life and the lives of others. In that sorting process I have developed some rudimentary skills in the arts that I hope and feel will be of value to others. I want to share those skills on this web site.

I also would like to inspire other artists to break out of the deceptively inhibiting cultural conditioning that has shaped them into aspiring to create non political decorative art — yes Pollyanna, we are up to our asses in that abstract, say nothing, phony baloney navel gazing art that you have been conned and trained to expend your spirit's power on — and begin to challenge themselves by creating more realistic and hard hitting political social commentary. Real art, with real psychological import, that promotes social understanding and takes a stand for reason, fairness, and the freedom and respect of every human spirit.

The Deceptionology Thesis... It is not my plan to get involved in the day to day ebb and flow of societal harangue other than to use selected current events to support my thesis that deception, inherent in all organisms, is the strongest political force on the planet, and that by recognizing, understanding, and accepting and embracing fully that aspect of our human nature, and its consequential effects, we will be better able to control it to rise above it and evolve a fairer morality that allows for more meaningful societal alliances that better serve us all.

That thesis, and many of the insights alluded to above, are explained in the Deceptionology section of this web site (link at the top and bottom of each page). The thesis, well salted with my total disdain for the piggish pretenders amongst us — I make no apologies — forms the basis of a system of understanding of life that I call Deceptionology. As an advocate and creator of that system, I consider myself to be a Deceptionologist and Doctor of Deceptionology (DOD). In its totality and summary the thesis suggests a resultant 'political' system of one for all and all for one that I call Fairism. The thesis is a work in progress and the section on Fairism is meant to be an ideal guide, contributed to by all, for our future evolution.

You can find an index outline here. The thesis requires a sequential reading as each one section builds on the last. Deceptionology Thesis.

In brief summary — a sense of urgency, a call to the greater good... Never have so many been conned by so few. Never have the aberrant socipathic morally diseased few been so brazenly hypocritical and narcisstically disingenous and dangerous. So truly evil.

If you have not noticed by now the aggregate morality of humanity is under attack by dark forces all around the globe. Truly evil self anointed elite forces, that make use of the Noble Lie and the corporate structure as their primary means of deception, have caused many of us to absorb their aberrant thinking as they work to build a permanent global underclass. The way back, if we are to get back at all, will be slow and painful and require that we all become far more skeptical than we have ever been before. It is hoped that this web site will heighten your skepticism and perception. Worthwhile trust is, after all is said and done, based in keen and honest perception.

About the name and logo... The FOX, noted for cunning, cleverness, terror, and ultimately the death of its prey is used on this web site as a symbol of deception. The BOX, associated with containment, control, capture for examination, and broadening limits on thinking by observing what is outside of it, is used on this web site as a symbol of perception.
We will put the FOX, symbol of deception, in the BOX, symbol of perception. We will BOXtheFOX™!

Bertrand Russel Quote... Having said all of the above I would like to offer up a Bertrand Russell quote. A quote that was directed towards me once on a blogging comment thread.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

I don't profess to have all the answers, nor is anything presented here as absolute, it is just one man's viewpoint of how the world around us works and hopefully will contribute to a saner and more just world.

Life's great, stay busy, have fun!
And may your spirit always find the light ...

Warren Celli
Publisher of BoxtheFox
The Voice Of Experience...

On March 5th, 1998, a Pro FREE SPEECH and PRO CIVIL RIGHTS newspaper that I published, entitled the "Saint Aug Dog", along with a political cartoon of the then City Manager, Joe Pomar, entitled "King Tyranny", was illegally and immorally confiscated and banned from sale on public property by the bully goon squad police force in the City of Saint Augustine, Florida. I soon learned that what happened to me was part of a greater pattern and practice of the gross usurpation of the now resultant scam 'rule of law'. Thus began my journey into the realm of Deceptionology.

A part of that journey included creating and publishing a web site called "The Fountain of Baloney™. I am in the process of reposting that web site and have  a temporary index page posted.


Disclaimer: This web site is intended for thought provocation only and reflects the perceptions of the publisher. Nothing presented here is claimed to be absolute nor is it a recommendation for personal behavior. Viewers are solely responsible for their own perceptions and behaviors.
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